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How did I get here, how the hell?

Went shopping with the parents.

Oh joy of joys.

*rolls eyes*

The good part is, I got a bunch of new clothes. 3 pairs of jeans from American Eagle. A yellow turtleneck sweater, a blue hoodie sweater and a couple peasant-ish tops from AE also. And a couple long sleeved tees from Express.


Then we went to dinner. Someplace called "American Grill". Creative, non?

It was actually very good. I think I've fallen in love with the sandwich I ate. It was thin slices of grilled turkey breast with melted provolone, on tomato basil focaccia bread.

Oh my god. Fantastic. It was. Absolutely. Amazing.

Too good for words. The description sounds good, and it tastes twenty times better. Yum.

Now I'm going to chill and talk to people online. Another STUNTS meeting tomorrow at 10am. We'll probably be out by 1pm though. The wake is from 4 until 8. So I'll have to go to that. These things always make me feel so uncomfortable. I hate death.

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