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The STUNTS Board meeting was awesome.

So we get there and instead of making it a normal, sit around and take notes meeting, Eric surprises us with a task.

A Scavenger Hunt.

The Board (all seven of us) piled into Carly's Mountaineer and began our tasks...

First, we stopped at Carly's house to pick up car chalk so that we could write "STUNTS MOBILE!!!" on her back window.

Then we headed to Goldberg's house because we needed a picture of us being scared of what we saw though a telescope or binoculars. Sam climbed a tree in Goldberg's back yard, and we all looked though the telescope, frightened that he would fall! It was a stretch of the imagination, but that was the point. To be resourceful and bold with our decisions.

Next, we stopped by Sam's house to pick up a bunch of t-shirts and instruments. Then, we headed to the library.

At the Library, we needed to find a book of phobias and check it out. We got pictures with the books, and Ben, who happened to be working there. After, we headed to the Commons!

First, we were in the parking lot and put the instruments in a tree. They were having fun and wasn't really part of the hunt. But then we went to Barnes and Noble. Off the second story balcony, we dangled the instruments. Then we placed them in chairs and pretended to sneak up behind them. Which was the actual point. "Sneaking up on instruments". The tasks were random, yo.

Next, we got a cop to take a picture of a bunch of us, including a random by-stander, holding up STUNTS, DHS and other such t-shirts. We wanted a photo with the cop, but apparently he's not allowed to when in uniform. Hmm.

After that we headed to the Crystal residence. Becca answered the door in pajamas, and Jason was still asleep up in his room. We woke him up (gently, because we felt bad) and they helped us out with three more tasks.

The t-shirt one was actually to put on as many shirts as possible. So the 7 Board members, Becca and Jason all had on at least 3 shirts each (some people stuffed pillows under to add "bulk") and we got that picture.

Next we needed a song and dance. What's scarier than the Little Red Monkey? We have video clip of us singing along with it, and once it gets to the Euphonium part...we had a dance break. Carly choreographed a small 16-bar "ballet" routine. It was funny. Jason filmed while the 5 girls did the dance, then the three guys were "monkeys". Very funny.

The last task was to get wet. Really wet. And bring something back, soaking. We went to Lake Elenore, which was actually pretty scummy looking. We took a picture in front of the lake, then dropped one of the t-shirts in, so it was all gross and lake-watery. It was the last of our pictures, so we all went to grab food for lunch and return to the Studio Theatre.

Eric was mondo impressed, and the pictures and video clips will be up on the website later tonight. I'll be sure to post the link!

It was really fun and we got that whole "community building aspect". We also learned how to problem solve, and use our resources. It was awesome.

And Jason approved...
Jason: That was AMAZING! Thanks! :-) ::smiles a lot::
Auto response from honeygailmarie: STUNTS Board meetings, and then causing trouble. Unless, of course, the meetings are trouble....;-)
honeygailmarie: Glad you liked it! Sorry we woke you up :-(
Auto response from Jason: I love the Stunts Board. :-)
honeygailmarie: Awww!!! Yay!!!

So yes. Fun times!!!

And I'm sleepy. So I may take a nap.

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