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This is quite an operation...


I really shouldn't complain about waking up at 9am, because a lot of other people woke up earlier than that.


It's really hard to get out of bed at 9am. I felt like I was going to school or something. My body resisted. Or tried to. It tried to convince me that I don't need a shower so I could have slept until 9:20.

But I got up. And showered.

And who's bright idea was a 10 o'clock meeting anyway!?!?!?

*crickets chirp*

Oh. Right. Me. I'm producer. That's what I do.


Seriously, I wouldn't be complaining, except that last night I slept really crapily. I had finally settled into a nice and relaxing sleep, and then I had to get up.


So yeah. This is me leaving for my meeting in a few minutes. I'll be really early, but I think I'm supposed to be. Besides, gives me extra time to navigate my way through the cement construction maze we like to call Deerfield High School. Ha! It looks terrible inside, and yet classes are supposed to start in two weeks.

That's a joke.

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