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Test 1, 2, 3...anything but that

I'm home!

Yeah. Have been for about an hour.

Rob and I went to Candace's to hang out with her and Cark for a while. Then we started to call people to get some shite together.

We went to Rob's around 6:30 (after being kicked out of Candace's) so we hung out there. Carly was already there (and talking with Rob's mom alone. Oops) and I picked up Jason around 7:15. We all went to the park around dark (8-ish) and played on the equipment and such for a pretty long time. It was fun though.

We went back to Rob's and I called Amanda so she could come for a bit. Around the same time, Peter and Zack (sovietpanda and sinkist) called saying they were bored. So I invited them over too. We hung around and played cards and laughed and had some good times for a while. Then Mary called on Lindsay's cell phone, so I invited them over too. (Steph and Bridgette were with as well). So it ended up being a big gathering.

People left around curfew, but those of us who were left hung out until about 11:30. We were going to go to the 24-hour Togo's/Baskin Robins/Dunkin Donuts, but the idea fell through, so I just took Jason home and then came back here.

I'm bored. And not in such a great mood, but whatever. I'll deal.

And my STUNTS Board meeting is at 10am tomorrow, so I need to be up in 8+ hours. I should get to bed soon. That doesn't mean I will.

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