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Hmmm...what to write?

I dunno really. Just wanted to make an entry.

Had left over Giordano's pizza for lunch. Yum, but tastes soooo much better fresh.

Today's the last day I'm taking care of Zoe (she starts Kindergarten tomorrow. *sniff* It seems like only yesterday she was a baby. *wipes tears*) Anyway, so all summer I've been trying to get her to save electricity by turning off TVs and lights when she leaves a room, and also trying to have her take her lunch plate into the kitchen everyday. I go upstairs earlier (after she has come downstairs to play video games) and the TV in the living room has been turned off. Yay! Then, after lunch, I go upstairs and her bowl and spoon is sitting on the kitchen counter. After 3 months, it finally sunk in and on the last day, she does everything right. I'm going to miss her next week when she's at school. *sniff again*

Stuff around here is really boring. Blah. Think I'll take a shower now, so I will be all clean and yummy smelling. Tonight I get to go school supply shopping. Yippy. I'm actually sort of half-excited. I love school supplies. Office Max is my best friend. But then again, it means school is starting. Yucky. Blech, gross. I don't want to go to school.

Zoe just came downstairs, wrapped her arms around me and whispered "I love you", then started singing to TIPY. How *sweet*! She's honestly making me cry. (There are definite tears in my eyes. She's so cute. I love Zoe.)

I love NSYNC when they harmonize. Ohhh, cute singing puppies. Everything is so dramatically sad around here, I feel like I should be in a movie, falling in love with some beautiful guy. Gah!

My favorite thing in the world: having good songs on when you don't control it. Like the radio playing two kickass songs in a row, or an mp3 player on random singling out you favorite artists, when it doesn't realize it. Yay.

Yeah, so I'm going to go now. I will write more later.

::Music of Choice for Today::
*Makes Me Ill - NSYNC (hmmm, drive to Cici's apartment and steal NSYNC Live at MSG DVD??)
*This I Promise You (Grammy's performance) - NSYNC (okay, yes, after shower, will be going to Cici's)
*Busted (acoustic) - Matchbox 20

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