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Maureen is protesting losing her performance space, not my attitude

I think it's funny that the update page asks for an "Event:"

Heh. I never have events. I just babble.

Went to Ci's for dinner and hung out there. Watched the best Trading Spaces episode...EVER! It was amazing! So funny! It was the LA one with the apartments that are on top of each other. And they threw the TV down the stairs. And there was that comedian guy who was hilarious.

The best part was when they were discussing how Ty had too much work and one of the projects had to be scraped and the one dude says "Do you have Amy Winn's number?"


I've been reading a lot of my book lately. Still feel like I'm getting nowhere, but I'm more than a quarter of the way through. And once I get to the "Marilyn" part, it should move quicker. Not that I'm not enjoying all the background. Norma Jean Baker/Marilyn Monroe lead a really interesting life.

So yes. Home on a Saturday night reading Blonde. Exciting.

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