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And it's beginning to, and it's beginning to, and it's beginning to......SNOW!!!

An update on everything Gail:

Went back to sleep, but only for another 3 and a half hours. So with the hour I was up in between, I got 7 hours of interrupted sleep.


But we are going to Evanston today. Yay. Will probably hit Flat Top for lunch. Because it's amazing. And I've never gone to Evanston to just hang out. Some people say that it's like the city, but smaller and better. Ooo. [Oh, and by city, I mean Chicago. Because...yes. It's "The City."]

Yeah. So I got up at 10 and showered. Now I just have to get dressed and see what time Candace, Jason and Rob will be ready so I can go pick them up.

Huh. Do I know how to get to Evanston?

That's a damn good question. I don't think I do. Eh...take the Edens until someone tells me to exit. Sounds like a plan.

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