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Did you swoon when she walked through the door...Everytime! So be cautious


Dache and I didn't go to a park...apparently they are dangerous after said her mother.

So she came over and we hung out here. Never heard from Jenny. Only talked to Rob recently. It's okay. Candace and I started plans for Senior year Spring Break. We want to rent a house in Orlando. There are really nice ones. That sleep 12 people. And have private pools and garages. And full kitchens. For about $200 a night. And split between 12 people, that's less than $20 a night, about $140 for the week. Nice.

And if we drive instead of fly, that's saving more money. And since we'll have a kitchen, we won't have to eat out all the time. And we'll have our own pool. How fucking cool is that? And we'll have a car(s) so we can go to the beach one day, or Disney, or whatever.

I really hope this flies. Because we need to book soon.

*crosses fingers that everything works out well*

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