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Uh-huh, I used to be a and then I like to feel good

Long day. It's been good though.

I got my hair done!!

It's three inches shorter. Too short to put into a ponytail now. It's about mid-neck length. I like it a lot.

Also got a touch up on my blond highlights, PLUS! some red ones. Ooo!

From there I went almost straight to Candace's. We played one game of Starfarers of Catan...oooo...German farming in space. Gotta love those geek games. That took us until 5, when I had to leave.

At 5:30, I met up with part of the family (Cici and Zoe, Emily, Fayanne, and my Dad) for dinner. It was nice. Dave and Katie left today for a weekend camping trip, so they couldn't make it. Mama's not home yet from taking Stephi to WIU. Tom probably stayed home...or was working. Em is usually solo, anyhow. His mother is very sick though. Dying of cancer. She doesn't have much longer. :(

So I'm home for a bit. Candace and I will probably go hang out at a park until we can locate other people. Jenny called me earlier to see if I wanted to go to lunch and a climbing wall with her and Steph. I was getting my hair done though, so I couldn't have met up with them. She said she'd try to call and hook up with us later. She leaves tomorrow for school. :( Miami is far away.

So yes. I've basically been out all day, and will be again soon. So busy.

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