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Been up for an hour and haven't updated. I must be sick...

Well, it's not like I was doing other things, I was reading people's journals, so it's all acceptable.

Woke up this morning with a call from mom (I bet that's how everyone wants to get woken up...*grrr*). It wasn't bad though. She said that she had been worried about me downtown last night, especially since we didn't have any one older than 16 with us (hey, Allie's going to be 17 in a month, and I'm only 5 weeks behind her). Anyway, she was impressed we didn't get lost (just because you don't have a sense of direction, mom...). It was all good though.

I wonder if she knows I have another concert tomorrow night (yeah BNL)...but that's not downtown, and I drove to Tweeter 3 weeks ago (*sigh* three weeks without my Robbie. *sniff* I wanted to go see them in Indiana too, but it was a Tuesday night. I would've gone alone too.) Wow, I use parentheses like none other. Geez, this would be annoying to read, but then again, I don't usually read my own entries.

Tonight I get to go school supply shopping with my sister and niece. Yippy. I really don't want school to start, but at least I still have 13 days (I start Wednesday the 5th). We start late because of construction. I'm glad though, I wouldn't want to start school before the wedding. That would suck, and this way, I have 3 days of "recovery time" to get back into "school mode". Right, like I even have a "school mode".

Dunno why this popped into my head (nor should I think of NSYNC when I use the word "popped"), but I was watching VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock and Roll, and I think the funniest was when John Fogerty was charged with self-plagiarism because his solo work sounded too much like the songs he had written for Creedance Clearwater Revival. How stupid is that? He wrote both pieces of music in question, of course they would have some similarities. Thankfully, the jury found him not guilty and the case was dismissed.

Interesting side note: John Fogerty is the uncle of my freshman/sophomore year gym teacher. Yes, I was lucky enough to have her *twice* (sarcasm, much?) Eh, she wasn't that bad, but she was pregnant last year and had some major control issues going on. It was bad.

Well, I'm off to get some lunch. I will be back later!

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