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Well, only if you are entertained by the witty and almost comic stylings I try each and every day to bring to my journal. If not, sorry, no fun for you.

As promised earlier, I am coming to you before bed with a good night message. I have sort of gotten over a little of the concert thing. I guess it never hit me that it was real anyway (even though I had the tickets and we were in the House of Blues). Things like that don't usually *hit* me, until the performer takes the stage. Until then, it's not real, so tonight was more being awoken from a dream. And though that sucks a lot, you get over it quicker than if you realized it's *real*. Yeah, so...yeah.

Chasing Amy was good for the second time. I think my friends were getting annoyed after the 5th time I would point out a reference to Clerks, or say "He played Gill Hicks in Mallrats, was the lead in Clerks, and also played a newscaster in Dogma." I shut up after that.

I'm not tired, and going to bed (after, of course, I finish talking to people on AIM).

One final note:
Sweet dreams to you all, and if you have already slept and are now awake, I hope you had a pleasant night last night.

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