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So very tired.

I just napped. Probably for about an hour.

The weather has improved, so my attitude has done the opposite. Damn sun.

Decided not to go to Jethro Tull. Will still pay Amanda. Nikki backed out also. Caitlin too? Zoe was going the last time I talked to Manda, though. I feel bad, but I'm not in the mood.

So yeah. Right now I'm just very groggy.

And I don't want to go upstairs. Because the parents are there. And I will have to say that I decided not to go to the concert and they'll ask if I want to go to the hair appointment tonight. Definitely don't want to do that. Mama will ask me about Western. Which I still don't want to go to, and still feel guilty about.

So I'm staying in my hole. Which is a bit hot because the air was turned off when it got cooler outside. Then the rain stopped and the humidity came back, and it's basically hell on earth. I can stand heat. 90+ is not a problem for me. But humidity is just gross and I hate it.

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