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You wanna play? Let's runaway...we won't be back before it's Christmas Day


Pissed that my last entry had a cut text that did not read what I wrote. I was thinking it was too long, but I edited it and it still says "Read more..."

Uh...nope. I was trying to discourage readers, and that is obviously inviting. Bitches.

Tonight was fun. Got lectured a bit. Was a bit offended when one part was almost directly toward me. Actually, was toward me, with a caution toward others. Whatever.

We still have fun. And yes, despite the fact that we will all be Seniors, we were throwing spitballs and other such nonsense. It's also cool because everyone there is friends. Whether we met through crew, or brought other friends into it, we are all friends. So we all went back to Nikki's afterward.

Had more mature behavior, with wrestling, dancing, laughing and all good stuff. My mood has gotten infinitesimally better than it was before.

Yes, I realize I'm jumping around a lot here. I'm sleepy.

Everyone basically left Nik's at 11 for curfew, but Charlie and Zoe stayed (cause I told them I would drive them home later) and their parents let them stay out until 12.

So yeah. Fun. A bit of turmoil, but I'm avoiding that situation like the plague.

Tomorrow is the Jethro Tull concert. Don't really want to go. It's just going to be Nikki, Caitlin, Rob, Amanda and I. Eek. Hopefully I'll be in a good mood, or things could get yucky...quickly.

Oy. Tomorrow also Lewis leaves. And Jason should be coming back.

I forgot about my senior pictures and it turns out proofs were due back today. Eek. So I'll have to do that tomorrow too.

And Mama really wants me to go to Western. It turns out my dad can't, so she wants me there. I still don't want to. And I may have made plans for Wednesday night. I forget what they are right now...but it was something...


So tired that I've been squinting while writing this, just to keep my eyes open. I'm thinking I should get to bed now.

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