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Morning glow, fills the earth, help to shine a new day's birth

Things here are dead.

Yet I still manage to update every two to three hours. Go me and my lack of life.

*5 things you are wearing*
1. Shelf-bra tank from Express (pajamas)
2. Purple flannel pants with hatching chicks on them (also pajamas)
3. Black panties
4. Um...a hair rubber band
5. Yeah...

*5 things you can see*
1. Hotel, airline and ticket confirmation papers for the trip to NY
2. Stitch on my monitor
3. Bottle of Centrum vitamins
4. My Les Miz mug
5. Deodorant

*5 things you are doing right now*
1. Shaking my foot
2. Typing this
3. Eating soup
4. Listening to Pippin
5. Pretending to be "away" on AIM

*5 things you ate in the last 24 hours*
1. Grilled chicken
2. Strawberry Pop-Tarts
3. A cheeseburger
4. Pasta
5. A few fries

*5 things you did so far today*
1. Listened to Pippin
2. Listened to most of RENT
3. Slept though most of Into the Woods
4. emailed the STUNTS Board
5. Updated my Journal

*5 things you can hear right now*
1. "That's the reason, I'll never be the kind of man who dwells on how moths got into the tapestries or why the dungeon smells" - Pippin, "Extraordinary"
2. A little fan I have
3. The computer hum
4. Daddy walking upstairs
5. The clink of my mug when I hit it

*5 thoughts in your head*
1. "Ha's the cop-out love song" (In regards to "Love Song" from Pippin)
2. Wow...this CD is really poor quality. But only this song, I think.
3. I wonder why my leg is bouncing so much.=
4. I should shower
5. I shouldn't shower, because I have 5 hours before I need to go anywhere.

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