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And if I'm never tied to anything, I'll never be free

I just like this song. I've been changing the subject line every time he says something else that I think is awesome. I settled on the basic...

Gotta love Pippin.

Oh, and I took a break from Into the Woods (because I was too lazy to put it back into the CD player after I took it out). So I was listening to RENT mp3s, but I didn't have many. So this morning I put in Pippin (and Into the Woods) while I downloaded more.

My CDs should get here Thursday or Friday...depending on what the good ol' US Post Office decides to do. *crosses fingers that they will come early...or at least ON TIME*

Now I'll probably listen to some RENT for a while. I like what I've heard thus far, though I'm still just piecing together the story. Really like "Light My Candle" though.

Hmm...Mama just sent me an email asking if I still wanted to go to Western (to help my cousin Stephanie move in for school). Huh. I didn't know it was a choice. No. I don't want to go. I haven't. But she was sort of pressuring and putting a lot of importance on it. And now she gives me a way out.

Do I take it? I can't seem to help feeling pitied though...



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