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The mind changes, the heart yearns, the tears dry without. Life goes on


I haven't updated since last night around 9.

That's a whole lot of friend's page to read. And I'm so tired that I basically just skimmed.

Went to the Renaissance Faire today. Lots of fun. Got a bit burned on my shoulders and chest, but in a couple days it'll be a lovely tan.

Then Candace and I hung out and had dinner and played games and such until about 8 when we went to Lindsay's. The plan was to play Scrabble, but a little after we got there, Lewis called and wanted to play so we had to wait for him.

We played a couple games, but Candace had to be home by curfew (at 11), Linz had work in the morning, and I think Lewis just needed to get home. He leaves Tuesday to go back to school. He might not come home next summer, so I don't know when I'll see him next. Maybe winter break...if he comes home. He might not. :-\

So I'm home. And tired. Need sleep.

Oh, and the Jason Priestley thing really upsets me. I adore him so much, and he was a fabulous actor/director. I really hope he's going to be alright.

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