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Quick thoughts as I put on my capris....

Got dishes done: 33 minutes (score! that was faster than I though)
Shower: 10 minutes (mega-score, but that doesn't include getting ready)
Getting dressed: ?? (considering I decided to start a new entry before I'm dressed, I wouldn't know. Either way, I have about 20 minutes to finish getting dressed, applying make-up, styling hair, and getting out of here. I'm going to be late. Damn.)

One last quick back hurts. Was considering wearing new platform-ish Steve's, but those would hurt to much. Will be wearing old, flat, worn-in Steve's. (Mr. Madden and I are on a first name basis. Hell, I spend enough on his stupid shoes, I better be able to call him "Steve".)

Must finish dressing. I'll tell you 'bout the concert later!

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