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We've changed, we're strangers, I'm meeting you in the woods


Bought the Into the Woods soundtrack. Decided on the Revival cast with Vanessa Williams as the Witch.

It's so good.

I've been listening to it all the way home and now I put it in my CD player here.

The bad news:
I went to two different Best Buys...neither had the Lion King soundtrack, and only one had RENT (which had a cracked case). But. It was $35. On Amazon it's $26.50.

Uh...not wasting 9 bucks if I don't have to. So I'll ask Mama if I can order it and pay her back for it.

Neither had the Into the Woods or Les Miserables DVDs. Wasn't expecting them to, but it was still disappointing.

Best Buy sucks, but it's cheap and better than anywhere else. *sigh*

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