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The Dark Ages

For the last two hours (yes a full 120 minutes) I was plunged into the horrible age of greed, fear, and hopelessness. Yes, my cable modem was down. *GASP* How did I survive? Well, it was hard, but I was forced to resort to listening to mp3s I already had, and using the "work offline" feature in Internet Explorer to see websites I had already been to.

Sounds lame? Yeah, well, when you grow up in an age of evermore information and technology, you could careless about going back to the days of researching at a library for days, instead of spending as little as one hour finding information and sources for the report you have due second period the next day. The best advantage to the internet is how slacker-friendly it is.

Well, I must get back to surfing the net; make up for all the withdrawals. Later.

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