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So you take the way home that leads back to Sullivan Street

Okay, watch as Gail becomes obsessive!Broadway!Gail:

First, I really want to see Kathleen Turner as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. I was talking about it with Zoe less than three weeks ago and we decided that it is completely her role and she would be awesome in it.

Second, I did NOT know that John Stamos was in Cabaret! What the hell! I want to see!! Unfortunately he closes his run 5 days before we get there. Dammit!

Third, Cici! Jeff Brooks is in BatB on Broadway. Patrick Page isn't (*sniff*) but our Cogsworth is! How fun!!

Yeah...soon I'll actually be able to keep up, and maybe one day even join the conversations that Zach Laks has with Carl everyday. Ha ha.

Eeee! More Broadway goodness....

Steven Weber is in The Producers!! Love him!!! So is Gary Beach (the Lumiere from the original cast of BatB). Yay!

Anne Heche and Neil Patrick Harris are in Proof...which is supposed to be fantastic. Anne Heche rubs me the wrong way, but I adore Doogie Howser!!!

Vanessa Williams is in Into the Woods?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? AHHH! Me want to see!!!!!! Eeeeee!!!! (She's no Bernadette Peters, but dammit, I adore Vanessa Williams!!)

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