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No strings attached, baby I want you back, but the truth remains you're gone

Had an interesting night.

Candace and I went to Lindsay's to hang out with her. We watched TV for a while and she made us a pasta dinner and cookies afterward. We love Lindsay!

Then Jenny came over and we played Scrabble. Molly came and joined for a second round. Nearing the end though, Candace had to get home for curfew and she had driven me. So we left a little after Mary, Helen and Hillary arrived.

So. Home early.

And I so wish my doctor's appointment tomorrow was for something physical. Poke and prod all you want, doc...just don't talk to me so much, okay? *sigh*

And! Leave it up to Amy to write JoLa in Rent! Yay! [Surprise!]

11:11...make a wish...

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