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Hey now now now, hey now hey baby

I now have the Boston Herald article that Katie posted up on my wall. Bwahahaha! Josh/Sam! Lambs! Hee!

And I'm talking with Mama and Cici through email to finalize the flight plans to I can book those today. Now all we need is a hotel.

Is anyone familiar enough with New York City to tell me what hotels are within walking distance of the Nederlander Theatre???

I would be much appreciative. :)

Still very blah today. I have been all day. Watched last half of Gone In Sixty Seconds (which I actually liked), and it's on again right now, so I might watch the whole thing. I love having digital cable. You get both East and West premium channels, so it's like having everything on HBO repeat 3 hours later. So fantastic.

I'm going to go call Cici about the plane tickets, and maybe check out what other shows are on Broadway...since we'll be there anyway. ;)

Seriously though, when's the next time I'm going to be in New York? yeah...that's what I thought.

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