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And she told me what to say, she said she loves you, you know that can't be bad

Went to Ci's for a very short time ('bout 10 minutes) because at 7:30 I met Allie, Ben, Nikki and Candace at Olive Garden for dinner. Yum.

Then we went back to Allie's (save Nikki who had to go home at 9). We watched Father of the Bride, and half-way through Allie took Ben home (his curfew was 10). Candace left after the movie at 11. Allie and I watched ElimiDate (2 episodes) and then Conan (who is him!). I left at 12:30, right before Last Call with Carson. Hey, I have standards!

...heh. ;)

And I really love this icon. It's wonderful. It's a wonderful feeling. I want that feeling again.

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