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Now your life's no longer empty, surely heaven waits for you



Heh. Music just switched to Van Halen. Welcome to random music night!

I should be going to Candace's in a while. Hang out with her, Nikki and probably Cark.

Made a doctor's appointment for Thursday at 1pm. Must remember that.

Not so much else to say. Going up to Cici's (Whee! Pretty link colors!) for a yummy dinner. Then I'll go to Candace's. Or wherever she is. Heh. Don't know.

Yeah. I haven't done so much today. Other than all that college stuff. And a bit of STUNTS stuff. And I talked to Eric, Jason and Candace. And made the doctor's appointment. Oh! And then I was putting all the important dates from upcoming school events and such for the year into my Palm Pilot.

Oh, and I found out that 6 of the 8 schools I'm looking at are going to be at Beyond Ravinia (an early acceptance thing through school). The two that aren't are the private ones. You can only apply to three through that though. And there's some catch with being required to go there or something. I don't know. I guess I'll learn though!

Oh well. Me going to go now. Do...something...I suppose. Probably leave soon. For Cici's. Yeah.

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