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But I always thought that I'd see you again

So. Much. Awake. Time.

I've been slowly getting tired. I've been up 36 hours (with a 3 hour nap) and it's catching up.

I was really awake after Dirty Dancing. That ended around 8. Then Jason came over for about and hour. He kept falling asleep on my bed though. Hee hee. He also made me send an email to my mother. Sort of like what I sent last Sunday, but this is more a "get your butt in gear and do something, woman!" email. Nicely put though, of course. And in few words. I just. I can't talk to her. I don't know. :-\

But yeah. The sleepiness is catching up. Been up for so long. And been doing stuff too...not just sitting around.

Yeah. Bed.

Oh, wait! I never told about my shopping trip with Mama and Fayanne yesterday. It was mostly Fa getting stuff, but I got some school supplies at Target (my heart fluttered when I entered the notebook aisle. I love new notebooks. They are my god). Then at Old Orchard, I got a new pair of running shoes (New them!) from Lady Foot Locker and two swimsuits from Marshall Fields. They were having a big 50% of swimwear sale. One of them is actually a tankini. Ooo!

Yep. That's it. And it's time for bed. So early! Goodnight!!!

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