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Hey. I'm home.

The camping places were filled. Both sites we tried. So we came back.

Amanda had a bon-fire thing tonight, so we hung out there.

I guess I'm just really disappointed, and not very happy right now, so I probably won't talk much about it. Just what I need...another thing to upset me.

And for the lovely musicdependent...

1. What is your top favourite song? Is it one you can listen to over and over and never tire of? If not, which one is?
It changes a lot. I'll go through spurts of loving one song, then finding another. Some all time favorites are "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down, "She Talks to Angels" by The Black Crowes and "Leave" by Matchbox Twenty.

2. What's your top favourite band, if you can pick one?
Matchbox Twenty, probably. It's the first band that I have been completely in love with, and the love just hasn't stopped yet.

3. What song's lyrics can you recite, completely? (And by whom?)
"Long Day" by Matchbox 20 and a lot of Alanis Morisette songs. Those are easy to remember, for whatever reason.

4. What is a verse that describes you best? (Name song title and artist!)
Well, part of the reason those songs listed in question one are my favorites is because I sort of feel connected to them.
"She says the moon don't hang quite as high as it used to" - 3AM
"There's a smile when the pain comes. Pain's gonna make everything alright." - She Talks to Angels

5. If you could only listen to two CD's for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Yourself or Someone Like You - Matchbox 20 and probably to mix it up a bit Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks.

6. What album says the most about your life, and you as a person? (Could be two albums, one for each, if so inclined.)
Some people probably have more variety than me, but Yourself or Someone Like You is just incredible. I can basically relate to every song, and that's pretty powerful.

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