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Baby if I could fly, I'd fly into your arms


No one has been updating. Journal is completely dead.


Yup. Dead.

What have I been doing? Well, since the packing extravaganza, I read more of the book. So very interesting.

I also gushed over the full page Joey Rent ad that's posted over at joey_in_rent. So much with the Joey love. So...when can I start getting Joey in Rent bootlegs, eh?

We are leaving for camping within the hour!!!! Woooo!!! Very excited, despite all the negative crap that's been going around. It'll be a nice weekend, with any luck.

My sister (who is up from central Illinois) was making fun and said something like "So if you don't get a site, you gonna go find a hotel room?" Ahahaha.

So excited.

And I just realized that I can't shut my computer down or the other one won't have internet access. Heh. So it's a good thing my baby was rebooted yesterday.

So yes. This is probably my last post until Sunday night. Love you all and have a great weekend!!

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