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Selfishly I'm in love with you, cause I searched my soul, know that it's true

I actually have no music on. I haven't even opened WinAmp since restarting this computer.

In my dreary, depressing night spent alone in my room, I read more of Blonde. Still good.

It's divided into 5 sections, then subdivided into chapters. Sometimes into sub-chapters as well.

I finished the first section: "The Child". Next is "The Girl" followed by "The Woman" then "Marilyn" and finally "The Afterlife".

"The Child" was the shortest section, I believe, only about 100 pages. But as I've said before, I'm a slow reader so it takes me a few sittings to get though it all. As it is, it took me a few hours tonight to read about 60 pages.


At least it's good. I just wish I read it more from desire than 'oh, well I have nothing to do so I suppose I could read...'

I hate feeling pathetic and sorry for myself. I feel both of these now. Oy.

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