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'Is there something wrong?' she said 'Of course there is.' 'You're still alive,' she said

My computer was starting to die. It does that when it's been on too long.

I was going to let it rest this weekend. I was going to turn it off. The entire weekend. All it had to do was wait less than 24 hours.

But is started to puke early, so I'm working on shutting it down. It's getting so old and decrepit that it takes forever to shut down, and even longer to boot up. Hence the fact that I keep it on. That and convenience, of course.

I'm becoming increasingly happy that I moved my mp3s to this computer, or I'd be musicless while old heifer tries to reboot. (Literally, this will take at least 10-15 minutes...)

And actually, the cable modem is hooked up to the other computer, so despite the network connection, if that one is off, this one has no internet. I was smart though, and opened the update page before shutting down the monstrosity.

So now, I babble. Babble about nothing and everything until the bitch mongrel over there shuts itself down, and with any luck, turns itself back on.

Woo! It's off!! And surprisingly well too. Usually I get funny shit on the monitor (can't be good, I know, but I ignore it...), but now, it's completely off. Sort of like a sleeping child. So peaceful and cute. It pained me to hit the little blue power button. I'll still turn it off for the weekend. It deserves it, my poor baby.

Yeah, so the parents went to dinner a bit ago. Chili's or something probably. But I continue to avoid them as much as possible. Thus is life, n'est pas?

If Mama doesn't do laundry tonight, or tomorrow morning, I'll have to do my own. Not terrible, but still. I'd prefer not to. I'll probably also do dishes before I go away for the weekend. The least I could do, really.

Still waiting for Charlie and Jason to get done playing frisbee with the rest of the boys. We are supposed to figure out the rest of the camping stuff tonight, so hopefully it will be soon. Probably not. After frisbee at Walden, they'll probably go to Pat's and play GameCube or watch a movie or something. Then I'll get a call around 11 saying that they are coming over. So I sit, bored out of my mind tonight, waiting by the phone. I feel pathetic and unwanted. *sigh*

Oh, and Allie is definitely not camping. And we are mostly definitely going to Chain O Lakes, if they have sites open.

And my computer is done. All set up with AIM and Outlook Express open. Yay!

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