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Cause you smile like the saint but you curse like the sailor and you might say the joke's on me

Hee hee. Like this song. So me. >;)

Camping: Probably going to be Charlie, Jason and I, for one night. Then Saturday the three of us will be going to Lindsay's and spending the night (because we were 3 of 4 people invited who didn't graduate the same year as Linz. AKA, we are special younger people. Go us) that way Chazz's mom thinks he's camping both nights. How devious, eh?

Right now I'm trying to convince Allie to come. As much as I love hanging out with two boys overnight in a tent...yeah. Not like I don't hang out with them enough. Nor do I feel threatened by either. Whatever. I want to go camping, and now we will. For a night, at least. With no negative-Amanda to weigh us down.

So we might still need to go shopping at some point. And I'm having Chazz check Chain O' Lakes to see if all 4 people need to be over 18, or just one. Because we still have Jason.

So. Good, maybe? Best of both worlds? As good as things are going to get? Yeah, probably.

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