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Drove downtown in the rain, 9:30 on a Tuesday, just to check out the late night record shop

Well, camping is almost completely dissolved.

Amanda's out. Candace and Allie will probably be officially dropping soon. That would leave Jason, Charlie and me. We still want to go, but it's not working out. And 6 is better than 3, so we are kind of stuck..

The good news? Now I can go to Lindsay's party on Saturday. Eh, it's something. And apparently Amanda is having a bon fire in her backyard on Friday night that she's already been inviting people to. Heh. She must have mentally dropped camping before she told us about it.

I don't know. I put a lot into it. I hate that we aren't going. But I don't see how we could. Especially with the bitter feelings it's been leaving. If all of us could go, I think it would be fine. But since people have already "made their decisions" there's nothing I can do.

So, join the club. Drop myself off the invite and spend the weekend doing fun shit to try and make up for it. Eh, it's all I have.

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