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My evening at home (blah)

I watched (okay, fine, I taped, yes taped) Entertainment Weekly. (Ya happy now?)

That's besides the point, it was a sucky little tidbit, but I will be taping Ananda's show, when ever they will be on it.

We ordered pizza for dinner. Blah, it wasn't even that good. All greasy and stuff. And I really feel like eating ice cream now, but I've sworn it off for the next two weeks. Stupid wedding. Stupid dress. Blah.

Yeah, so apparently I'm not in a terrific mood right not. Not sure why. Just...not.

Took a mini nap earlier. I got 10 hours of sleep today and I was still tired. What the fuck? I don't understand. I shouldn't be this exhausted. I mean, school hasn't even started yet. Oh well.

Yeah, so I'm being all negative and stuff, and pisses the crap out of me, cus I know I wouldn't want to read this, so you probably don't either. Bye.

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