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One last call to answer

Mmmm...I took a two hour nap. Or, well. I woke up at 8:30. Went back to sleep at 9:30 and woke up again at 11:30.

Now I'm showered and almost ready to start my day. I'll need clothes first, but whatever....

Oh, and I had another weird

I was at school and there were all of these little kids (6 and 7 year olds) who looked like a bomb had exploded. They all had cuts and scrapes, some were worse than others. I'm walking around and find Zoe. She tells me that she's getting a ride home from someone else and walks away. I'm left by two girls she was talking to.

There was one dark-haired girl sitting, who looked a lot like the littlest one on 7th Heaven. Her and the other girl started fighting about goldfish. Apparently, the school had given each of the kids a goldfish and the blond girl's had died in the explosion because it was thrown out of it's water. She was threatening to take the other girl's fish, or to just kill it so they were even. The evil girl walks away and I ask the brunette how she's getting home. She says that she's just going to stay there for a while.

A cell phone rings near her and I pick it up. It was Candace's phone, actually, but apparently belonged to the little girl. I hung up and told her that she was going to be picked up and that I didn't trust the other little girl. My father came, so I couldn't protect her anymore, but the blond evil girl had started terrorizing some other kids.

I go to get in the car and get yelled at for not sitting in the back because Zoe is coming. I told him Zoe was getting a ride and he said "Oh, okay."

We go to Home Depot. He wants to buy some sort of sealant, or wood stain. He needs a specific kind though, and can't find it. In the store, we see my freshman year Biology teacher (Mr. Motzko), my sophomore year Economics teacher (Mr. Schultz) and our neighbors. I remember also seeing some people I knew but I can't figure out who they were.

I woke up somewhere after the encounters with the teachers and before my father going nuts on a saleswoman trying to find the wood seal/stain stuff.

It was strange.

I have an hour before my lunch thing, so I should get ready and find my notebook of STUNTS stuff.

It's strange. I went back to bed really hungry and wanting lunch at 9:30 in the morning. I woke up the complete opposite of hungry. Huh...

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