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There's a crack there in the doorway where the walls have pealed

Had a pretty yummy

I was outside, playing with Mike and Zoe (nephew and niece) and we were having a water fight with the hose. Then Ci comes to take them somewhere (home, maybe) and the bell rings. I guess I was at school.

So I go inside and Amanda is waiting for me. She and I walk and talk toward the choir room. It's a huge heard of people that we are stuck in and I start talking about the kids and how Ci wanted to sign them up for soccer, but they couldn't yet...I forget my reasoning. My uncle is right behind me and says something along the lines of "I can fix that, [insert last name here]."

We make it to chorus, and I completely miss the room (which is hard to do) so I have to back track a bit. I get distracted by I think Jason, who was sitting at a table. I sit to talk with him a bit and the bell rings. [I only just now realized that it would be odd to see him there because I was definitely a Senior in my dream, and he graduated last year and would have been at Northwestern. Hmm...]

Right, so the bell rings and I'm late to class. I go bounding into the room (yes, bounding. It's chorus. I was excited) to find a bunch of brass musicians and some other adults sitting around. No one from the class is there yet, nor is Mrs. Akers. So I had noticed that just outside the door, Robert Downey Jr. (*squee*) had been sitting. So I walk toward him and he asks me: "Do you know where Mrs. A is?" I respond with a: "Hmm. I was going to ask you." I talk to him for a very bit. He's being a teaching assistant, probably a student teacher. [We get about 4 a year, usually from Northwestern. Some of our student teachers have been absolutely horrible.]

So I'm talking with Robert, and the entire class comes herding in, lead by Akers. They had gone on a little excursion somewhere and I had I been to class on time, I would have also. Allie picked up whatever it was they went to get for me, and we found our seats.

We start talking about Lilo and Stitch and Candace and Carly who are near us join, while people are shuffling music and Akers is getting ready to explain the brass instruments. Apparently we are singing a duet with them and they already knew all of the music and had it memorized and we hadn't even seen it until that day. So we started practicing and I woke up.

But! Robert Downey Jr. was out teaching assistant. And he looked really REALLY good in my dream. Yum!

It's still kinda early so I might go back to bed. And I only got 7 hours of sleep. But I have a lot to do today. Mostly making camping reservations, and also start looking at college websites and planning where I want to visit. Eep. I feel like I should know my major first...

So yes. I'm gone now. Either sleeping or stressing. Your guess is as good as mine.

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