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I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black

Today has been long and hard. We'll see how tomorrow goes...

I have a 1pm lunch appointment (ooo...aren't I cool?) with Eric. We'll be starting to talk about STUNTS and such. Yes. School is on the horizon. Only 5 weeks left. Eek.

Tonight there was a party thing at Pat's. A barbecue. It didn't start until 6, but I left home at 4:30 to hang out with Candace and Jason before going there. Partially to avoid contact with my mother. No. Fully to avoid contact with my mother. *sigh* This is going to be long and hard.

But Pat's was fun. We played volleyball and ate yummy cheeseburgers. Then there was a water fight. I missed most of the balloons cause I was late getting outside. But it just so happened that Charlie had been saving a nice big one for me. How nice, eh? I got pretty wet. Then they took out the hose. Everyone was pretty much soaked. My clothes were still damp, so after I got home, I changed into pajamas.

Tomorrow I will be making camping reservations. I have to. I must. We are going Friday. Unfortunately, it's still a thorn in many sides, but most have surrendered all control just to see something happen. So it's up to me.

Yeah. I should get to bed.

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