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I feel the need to be the demon, a demon cannot be hurt

Okay, so I get strange urges.

Last night, as I'm laying in bed around 1:15, I think to myself " should wash your sheets."

And I was going to get up and do it right then, but I was really tired last night.

So instead, I woke up this morning and within a minute of laying in bed, I start taking pillow cases of my 4 (necessary) pillows, grabbing my blanket and taking the fitted sheet off the mattress.

Keep in mind - the room is still pitch black and as soon as I stand up, I almost fall over because I'm not *really* awake yet. I stumble to the laundry room (grabbing my hamper to drag on the way) and turn on the florescent lights. I probably would have been better in the dark...

I some how set the washer with my eyes squinted to the blinding light, got some amount of detergent (hopefully the right amount) and shoved the stuff in. I tossed in some clothes too, shut the lid and came back here to collapse in a chair.

I'm now used to the light, but god, I swear I was the sleeping dead just then.

Ambition is a strange thing.

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