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And if it feels too quiet now, there are no words to show you how

The orchestra concert was very good. A little long, about two hours, but it was free and had some jazz pieces, a couple opera pieces, a few medleys (Les Miserables and Sound of Music! Whee!), a chamber music piece and some traditional orchestra stuff (Beethoven and Mozart, namely).

Then we came back here. Because. No parents. Duh.

It was Candace, Nikki, Carly, Amanda, and me, then after working at Ravinia, Jason came over. Nik and Candace left at midnight for curfew. Amanda's parents are also out of town, so she drove Carly home after Jason left...all around 1.

So I'm really tired now.

Gonna get to bed soon. Lots of rest before tomorrow. Nothing really planned, except having more people over. So all is good.

I'm hoping if it's sunny tomorrow, I can wash my car. Eh, it's something.

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