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Stand on the corner a thousand times, lose what I got, keep what I find

I'm up. I actually woke up for the first time at 9:30. I'm pretty sure my body or mind was mocking me.

But I defied it! And stayed in bed until 11:30. Sleeping on and off. Having a really fucked up

I seriously must be on some crack because in the dream, I was working in like...Scotland. The green, rolling hills of Scotland, where there were these GIGANTIC wooden storage barrels. The thing is, they were shipping all of the boxes of 3 kinds of cereal (Apple Jacks, some honey graham crisps thing, and I don't remember the third). Like, everybox from around the world. Unsold ones, partially used ones that they took from people's houses. EVERY box. Because they were redesigning the box and the cereal, and didn't want people to compare it to old kinds. Out of sight, out of mind?

But yes, all this for redesigning cereal (they were going to be square-shaped instead of loops). Then things get weird. There's some plot out (conspiracies or something) and there are "bad guys". So I become the heroine and I have to get people out of these barrel/factory things. There are only about 40 people, because this is so top secret, but some people had children along.

This is where it gets strange...I'm looking for this kid. A little girl, and it turn out that Britney is trying to get to her before I do. There's a struggle, stairs, I push Britney down and grab the kid. I start running to a place in the hills where everyone else is. I drop off the kid and watch as the bad guy spy people are taking over the barrels.

Yeah. I know. I should lay off the crack.

Parents haven't left yet...but they will be soon. So much me time. In my house. How happy.

And I need to make a run up to Ci's. I took some pictures last night at Lindsay's, and Ci also wants me to turn on her air the poor kitties don't keel over from heat stroke.

Yeah. So that's my day. Fun fun fun.

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