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Cause without you I'm not okay, and without you I've lost my way

Yikes. I have a huge headache.

Jason suggested drinking water, but I'm too lazy to get it. And really, in a mood where I should have a headache. raining when you are in a sad mood.

It just fits.

Jason and I went to Allie's to watch a couple episodes of West memoriam of Rob leaving the show after the next season. *sniff*

Then Al had to go to the airport to pick up her Mom, so Jason and I came back here and hung out a while...then Chazz came over. Lots of laughs. We sort of invited ourselves over to Lindsay's and hung out with her for a couple hours. Finally, we got back here and played a couple games of Smash until midnight, when they both left.

Left me with my headache and my thoughts. Ouch.

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