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You've got one of those hearts that keeps changing your mind

You've gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose...

The good:
-Mama and Daddy will be out of town both Friday and Saturday nights.

The bad:
-Althea posted about Rob Lowe leaving West Wing. I refused to believe it, so I searched and found that it's true. *cries a river* Just give him more money! He deserves it!!!

Me: I heard that Rob Lowe is planning on leaving West Wing
Jason: (who's he play?)
Me: Sam
Me: Ha ha
Jason: OH NO!
Jason: ::cries::
Jason: where'd you hear that?
Me: I KNOW!!!!!!!!
Me: Someone posted it in their Journal
Jason: ewwww
Me: (It's where I hear all the latest news ;-))
Me: It's so incredibly upsetting
Me: He
Me: Can't
Me: Leave
Me: .
Me: Ahhh! It's true!
Jason: !!!!!
Jason: That's so sad!!!
Me: He's leaving at the end of next season
Me: :-(
Jason: oh good. we have another year:-)
Me: Yes. But only one! It's the beginning of the end! What if everyone else starts to leave?!?!
Me: Eep!
Jason: quiet YOU

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