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Hee hee

Two more MB20 songs in a row! This makes 8 & 9 for the day! So exciting (3am piano acoustic version, followed by This is Not A Love Song).

I took Zoe to a park for about 45 minutes. I sat on a bench and worked on a little writing while she made friends with other little kids and played. Now, she's laying down for a nap. Hopefully the fresh air will knock her out (I know I could take a nap right now, but I'm too busy talking to people through AIM).

Mmmm, MB20 followed by NSYNC. It's sad, but that makes me really happy. (hee hee, JC's solo in I Want You Back is the best!)

Didn't go to Jewel (though I wanted to), because I have a grand total of *drum roll please* $5!!!
Yes, being broke sucks a lot. Well, I could see a movie tonight, and still have a buck fifty to save me until Friday, when I will get my last pay for babysitting. That sucks a lot.

I wonder how much parking is down by the House of Blues. I'm going down there tomorrow night, and I don't think $5 will cover it. Perhaps mommy will advance me the babysitting money. Thank god parking at the Tweeter Center is free (that's our Friday Night outing. Yeah Barenaked Ladies!!).

Mmmm, 2 MB20 followed by an NSYNC, then 2 BNL in a row! Shit, this is a good music day!!

*3am (piano acoustic) - Matchbox 20
*This is Not a Love Song - Tabitha's Secret
*I Want You Back - NSYNC
*Alternative Girlfriend - Barenaked Ladies
*It's All Been Done - Barenaked Ladies

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