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Back home, today, to stay, the way I wish you would

She wishes on everything from stars to alarm clocks...

Tonight was interesting. I devoted it to cheering up Candace. I made Jason take me to Jewel to buy cookie dough (to be eaten raw, of course) and Ben and Jerry's ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough).

We went to Daçé's (dah-say) where we gave her the ice cream and cookie dough. Then we played Starfarers of Catan, and watched Evita. Those were all things that she had wanted to do, and Jason and I didn't object either. Starfarers is fun and who can resist cookie dough? ;)

The evening went very well, and I got an email:


Thank you so much for the email and the cheering up you have no idea how much it means to me. the small things like that really show me that people care and when i break down, those are the assurances that always help the most. don't worry about being too bitchy lately...i can understand the need to be sometimes. as long as you don't end up pushing me out of your life cause life without gail would just not be the same. i would have to cry. speaking of crying...before today you seemed kinda out of it and sad - is anything wrong? i know you like talking to allie and i won't pry if you don't want to tell me, but just know that i'm here for you if you ever need to talk. you can trust me. thanks again for being there for me're a lifesaver. love ya lots!


from her thanking me, and such. :)

Then Jason stayed a bit to talk. Oy. So many issues have I. (Yoda am I...) He threatened to email my mother. Yeah, I really should talk to her soon...

What else. . . ?

I might be going to Navy Pier on Friday.

I have my car back (and the peasants rejoiced!! because now I can stop bitching about it...)

My weekend goals were fulfilled with Starfarers and Evita.

. . .

I know there was something else. Damn. Expect another post soon.

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