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And for the million hours that we were, well I'll smile and remember it all then I'll turn and go

Well, I have almost successfully forced two (2) people to shower! Hahahaha!

Yeah, they would have showered anyway, but I expedited the process.

I did. I swear.

Yeah, I'm gonna go over here and shut up now.....

Oh, and I really crack myself up sometimes:
Me: Good. So shower and all will be good
Carly: no it won't!
Me: No, but we can pretend. I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies...

Carly: Maybe I'd do it.
Me: Please tell me the "it" refers to taking a shower and not performing brain surgery

Me: You could. But you need to shower first
Carly: i should make my hair pretty before they open up my head?
Me: You should be not smelly before you go to Sam's with HTML... sitting...over here. Shutting up. Right...

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