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Well it's more than a feeling when I hear that old song they used to play

Well, after the incredibly long bitchfest I took out on here last night, I slept. For about 11 hours.

Of course, I'm feeling better now. It's common knowledge that nights are harder than days.

But for now, I'm fine again. Car-less again. Which sucks because I took a couple pictures at Allie's last night. [The correlation between those is that the digital camera port thing is at Ci's house, and I can't get there from here without a car.]

Oh, and because I didn't mention it, Trivial Pursuit was fun. I won twice when it was just Jason, Allie and I. Then Rob and Charlie came and Chazz won twice, Allie once. She got 5 pie pieces on one turn though. And we play the easy way where you don't have to be on the pie spaces to get a pie piece, because we all suck too much for that.

So yeah. Not so much is up for now. Rejoice, I'm not going to bitch again for a while. :)

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