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I decided (after much persistence from my sister, Chris) to open a live journal. So far I've been having beaucoup de fun!

I must say that summer vacation is the best. Since last Thursday (the 7th), I have had a party or hang out with friends EVERY DAY!! Having a social life rocks!

Last night, (before going to hang out at Lewis's house for an invigorating game of Monopoly - which was actually really fun) my sisters and I went to David's Bridal to pick up our bridesmaid dresses and Emily's wedding dress. She's getting married in September and I'm wicked excited to be part of it. Later, one of my other sisters, Fayanne and I will be going to find stuff for the Bridal Shower. It's the coolest.

It was kind of annoying...Last night, after picking up the dresses and going to dinner, my mom was kind of against me going out (it was thundering out). I finally convinced her I could go, but she said I had to be home by 11. I don't have a curfew normally, the state issues one, so technically it's illegal for me to be out until 1:30, like i usually am, but i think of curfew as a religious holiday. Just like I don't observe Rosh Hashana, I don't observe curfew. I just hope mommy doesn't decide to make this a regular routine (grrrr)

Well, I should get dressed, cus it's kinda late and Fayanne wants to get going for the bridal shower stuff. Tootles!!

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