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With kings and things to take by storm as we go along our way


Yay! Best musical of all 4 years. (Well, I'm being a bit unfair in assuming Annie won't live up to Pippin. won't.)

Today is boring. Already I've thought of a few things I would like to do, then realized I don't have my car. :( I'd really like to re-pot my Violet. It's not looking so good right now. Poor thing. Needs new soil.

Had a missed call on my cell phone when I was in the shower. It was Zoe (friend-Zoe, not niece-Zoe). She didn't leave a message, but I called her back anyway. Just in case. She had a question about Senior Pictures and had already talked to Candace. Oh well, if I hadn't called, I would have been paranoid.

Also, the Teddy Graham Bearwiches which had disappeared last week and reappeared on Saturday, are now gone. :( I ate the last two. So good. Just like crack.

That was a joke, but the way. And I need to go do something productive before my head explodes.

Side notes: "Jubilant" is a mood icon that no one uses enough. And it's strange to only have 8 icons. Strange but oddly good.

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