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Maybe she knows something I don't, I'm so tired of trying

I got a fair amount of sleep. Fair is not quite good, but without a car, I'm stuck here all day so a nap is possible.

Still contemplating going to lunch with Candace and Dorothy or not. Hmm...?

But I always have weird, fucked up dreams. Last night, there was almost a train crash. It was going slowly, but I knew it was coming, so I was trying to figure out how to get out of the way. The thing is, I was parked in a big grassy lot, near a station, but the train was falling of the railing and kept getting closer to where I was...if that makes sense. I decided it would be fastest to drive out of the lot, because I couldn't really outrun it, and it was getting close. My doors were locked and I couldn't find the keys, though I had seen a set on the grass earlier that where not mine. [Note: the doors being "locked" most likely symbolized my lack of car today. The extra set of keys most likely shows my keys in that I have them...just no car to use them with.] I look back at the train from my car and it's gone. The caboose made it's way back to the track and everything was passing by smoothly. Suddenly, a huge group of people (basically, my senior class) starts walking toward the tracks. There was this thing where the entire class was supposed to take the train for whatever reason. To spare the parking of wherever we were going, or something. And that was it. Near-death and then *poof* all's well. I guess that's better than the alternatives.

Yes. Bizarre. And I'm really torn up about not having my car. Dammit. It's mine and I want it. *sigh* It's only a day. If I don't get it back tonight though, I may flip out irrationally.

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