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I want to be the only one for miles and miles. Except for maybe you and your simple smile

I'm about three steps from a boredom-induced coma.

I'm at Cici's apartment. On her computer, of course. Unfortunately it's sucky AOL dial-up.

I could make new icons, but I have no ideas. I might plot a massive overhaul. Or rather, just delete a lot. I've basically been using my 3 new Britney ones a lot, and not so much of the others. Perhaps I won't use all 15 spots for a while and see how it goes. [Edit: I'm at 9. Might delete a few more...]

I'm also just talking into oblivion. Perhaps I'll end up with a text version of Hamlet.

And dammit! I thought I was listening to a Dixie Chicks CD. It's a mix. Bah. Now I need to ravish Cici's CDs some more.

For the record, my mood is not good.

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