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Take time with a wounded hand cause it likes to heal


The day has been long. And getting longer.

I woke up around 10:30. Fairly early. Played Nintendo with Cici and Zoe for a bit, then showered at noon-ish, while the family went to lunch.

I was talking to Lewis, and he and his girlfriend from New York (Dorothy) came over to play Settlers of Catan. So I invited Jason along too, and Candace came a bit later.

We played Settlers, then switched to Nintendo and played Mario Party 3. After, Lewis and Dorothy left to have dinner with his parents. Jason stuck around a bit longer, but not too much. He had a concert to go to tonight.

So Candace, Zoe and I went to Toys R Us so I could finally buy the 20th Anniversary edition Trivial Pursuit. $40 well spend, in my mind. She and I played a quick game (I won) and she left at 7 to see another Summer Theatre show.

So I'm stuck here with Zoe, and everyone is busy tonight. Not only that, but I have to go to Ci's at 9 so Zoe can get to bed in her own room (since she has camp tomorrow).

This means 4 hours of me alone at Cici's. Eww. Then, when my parents drop her off at 1am-ish, I get to go home with them and leave my car for her to use while her's is getting fixed.

So tomorrow I have no car. And tonight I have no friends.


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