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Hold her, tell her everything's gonna be fine

Again, the proximity of my posts is discerning.

I should get more sleep...or something.

Also, I was considering taking the kid to see The Powerpuff Girls Movie today. But the shows are at 12:30 or 1:25. I was hoping to go after the parents and Ci left, but they aren't getting out of here today until 3.

Eh. Maybe I'll take her anyway. I wanted to drag someone with us. Candace or something. She hasn't been on AIM yet though, so I think she's still asleep.

Oh, and Nikki's pissing me off again. I'm supposed to be organizing this end-of-the-summer stage crew meeting. One for seniors and one for the entire crew. I've been busy though. Sort of slacking off, but my life is surprisingly hectic for the little I do everyday. Anyway, so she IMs my away message last night with something like "Hey. You don't have to worry about planning those crew things. Candace and I are going to do it."

Okay. WRONG. What Nikki should have said: "Hey. You seem to be busy. Do you want help planning the crew things? If it would help you, Candace and I can just take over. Let me know! :)"

Bitch. So I sent her back a thing saying "Well, do you want the actual plans for the thing and everyone's email address so you can plan it, since you know nothing yet?" Alright, so I was nicer about it. She probably things I was really cooperative. There was venom behind those words. VENOM! I say!!

Yeah. So she's on my nerves. But whatever. My spirits are still lifted.

And I'm hungry

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